It’s no secret that knee boots are a huge trend this season. From thigh highs to lacing, these boots come in all shapes and sizes. What can be confusing is the difference between over-the-knee and thigh-high boots. We are here to help! Read on to discover the six most popular types of boots on the market right now. Are the boots high above the knee and thigh the same? No! Although both over-the-knee and thigh-high boots are hot items this year, there is a difference between them.

High boots

high boots

-High boots are boots that go above the knee. But why are they called thigh high? The name comes from their height, which is just below the crotch on most women’s legs. While some pairs may reach mid-thigh or slightly higher, others reach all the way to the butt! They are often made of leather and can be worn with dresses for a more formal vibe.

-High boots are a type of over the knee boots, but not all thigh high boots are above the knee. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles with various lace or leather finishes. You can see them as high boots, long boots, suede high boots, etc., depending on what they are made of. Thigh highs can be great for colder weather and winter events (think of that Christmas party!) It’s time to start thinking about spring too! These will look lovely paired with mini skirts and dresses.

-These fancy thigh-high boots tend to be more expensive than over-the-knee styles because they come in finer materials like suede, etc. Many times they will have lace details at the top that add an extra layer of style. Like over the knee boots, these can also be worn during the winter paired with dresses or skirts. You will definitely turn some heads when you wear one!

Over the knee boots

stivali alti al ginocchio

-Are they over the knee boots out of style? If there was one trend that people couldn’t get enough of during the winter months, it was knee boots. While they come in different styles and materials, there’s one thing all knee-high footwear has in common: they go above your knees!

-Over The Knee Boots, A more formal style than their above-the-knee counterparts is the typical over-the-knee boot. These are a popular choice for colder weather conditions as they often rise to the knee and keep you nice and warm. They are made from various materials (on suede, leather, fur, etc.), but most are typically black or brown. These boots look great on their own with the right outfit!

-Over-the-knee boots are the simplest style of over-the-knee boots. They are typically made from suede or faux leather, etc. and tend to look a lot like thigh-high boots except they stop above the knee. These are also quite versatile because you can wear them with dresses during the summer for an extra flair. When paired correctly, they will definitely keep your legs warm even in cold weather!

-For those looking to invest in some new boot options for this winter, we have decided to put together a list of our favorites when it comes to over-the-knee style boots available today. Whether you’re looking at lace-up or zip closures, these are bound to be popular with fashionistas everywhere this year.


Over The Knee Boots If you’re looking for something on trend, look no further than the lace over – knee-high leather boots. Laces can add an element of sensuality to almost any outfit and are popular with women who love their knee boots.

Zip closure

Over The Knee Boots If you are looking for something more secure then why not consider opting for a zip closure? They will give you extra support at the top of the boot making them perfect if you are looking for steep heels on thigh high or knee high boots. These can be great when it comes to staying trendy this year!

Sexy high boots to go out in style

When you go out in style, having the right footwear underfoot makes all the difference – these sexy thigh-high boots in leather with the fashion brand “ShoeBox” offer an unusual take on the regular trend. These boots are perfect for a night out or even as a casual boot, with their bold color and striking shape you will turn heads everywhere!

Inspo Thigh High Boots Outfit

stivali per coscia

Tall boots can be worn in many different ways depending on your mood, but they always make one dress stand apart from the others, which is why we love them! If you’re looking for some inspiration, don’t worry because here at The Idle Man, we’ve got all your needs covered. Whether it’s leather thigh highs that go above the knee like these stunning suede from “PrettyLittleThing”; over the knee boots with lace thighs for added drama, seen here in the “Harriet Turnbull” style; or a casual boot, with their bold color and striking shape you will turn heads everywhere!

Long boots

You’ll find our best-selling long boots here at The Idle Man because we know exactly what girls love when it comes to such confident trends as soon as we saw these beauties from “Boohoo” we knew they would be the first to fly out of our warehouse. The best thing about long boots is that they can easily be worn with dresses, skirts and jeans, but it’s up to you how high or low you wear them too!

Over the knee lace boots

If you’re a girl who loves lace, these knee high boots are perfect for you as we have plenty here at “Boohoo” starting at just £ 24.99 – so start saving the girls because this season’s must-haves they are going fast! With their black lace finish, they’re super versatile, meaning whatever outfit you wear (day or night) will look effortlessly elegant thanks to these gorgeous bad boys!

Leather Boots

Finally, we have our tall pair of leather boots that rise just above the knees (hence why they are often referred to as “long” boots). While many different materials can be used to make them (such as wool furs, etc.), there is nothing more iconic than a pair of tall leather boots. They are great for pairing with skinny jeans or leggings and can also be worn under dresses, skirts, etc. to add some warmth in colder temperatures. The only downside is that if you wear them on wet days they will absorb water pretty quickly!

High leather boots

If you’re looking for something more subtle, go for tall leather boots like these from “ASOS”. With their smooth black finish, they’re the perfect winter wardrobe base that can be worn all year round – it’s all up to you how far you want them to sit too, which is half the fun right?

Tread leather

Knee Boots When it comes to knee boots, the tread is the new black, and nowhere has it been more noticed than here at with these amazing “tread” leather boots that are a must-have for your winter wardrobe because they will be sure to keep you warm too! The best part about them (besides their gorgeous cognac color) is how comfortable they are – perfect if like me once home you want nothing more than to relax on the sofa in some comfort!

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